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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tele-therapy?

Tele-therapy is an online counseling service from the comfort of your home or from anywhere you choose to be. The services are provided confidentially using video conferencing that is HIPAA compliant.  This is a virtual face-to-face setting that is similar to Skype.

Is Tele-therapy Effective?

Teletherapy is best suited for those who suffer from anxiety, depression, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Research has demonstrated that tele-therapy using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is as effective as when used in traditional settings (Tutty, Spangler, Poppleton, Ludman, & Simon 2010).  In addition, Tugoose, Ashwick, and Murphy (2017) found that tele-therapy is as effective as traditional in person counseling in helping reduce the symptoms of PTSD.

Will My insurance pay for Tele-therapy?

We offer self-pay services. If your are wanting to use your insurance, please check with your insurance to see if they cover online therapy. 

What is the cost?

One hour sessions for Oklahoma residents are $80 (person must be in the state to participate). If using insurance rates will be based on individual insurance plan and if we accept that insurance. Check out for services in Texas.

What is the difference between your service and other popular online therapy services?

Our services are not subscription-based like some of the popular online services out there. You don’t pay weekly or monthly fees. You only pay for the session you attend as traditional therapy. 

Meet the Therapists

Priscilla is a bilingual clinical therapist and nationally credentialed domestic violence advocate. She believes in the inherent value of each human being, and the resilient nature of individuals. She holds strongly that everyone is trying the best they can and approaches clients with empathy and understanding. Priscilla has worked extensively with trauma working with domestic violence victims and specializing in the treatment of PTSD and complex trauma in adolescents and military populations. She has presented and trained on military trauma and suicide initiatives and has served on Governor’s coalitions targeting suicide in service members and their families. In her free time, Priscilla enjoys playing games with her big family and traveling the world including living in South Korea now with her active-duty husband.

She has a bachelor’s degree in social work from Walla Walla University and a master’s degree in social work with an emphasis in advanced clinical practice from Walden University.

Treatment Orientation:

Trauma-Focused CBT, Gottman, DBT, EMDR Trained Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Culturally Sensitive, Family Systems, Motivational Interviewing, Person-Centered,

Top 5 Strengths:

Belief, Individualization, Developer, Arranger, Responsibility

Nancy is an experienced bilingual therapist working with children, adolescents, families, couples, and individual adults on a variety of issues. While growing up in the church she saw frequent misuses of faith and strives to help people recover from spiritual abuse and trauma. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator. She believes in helping individuals find meaning and purpose in their lives. She is a strategic thinker and enjoys delving into the conflicts people are facing and helping them find solutions. She believes in connection and loves assisting in bridge-building between families and couples. She is always seeking new information on the best treatment methods and is a lifelong learner. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging it out with her nieces and trying out new technology gadgets she finds.

She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Southwestern Adventist University, a master’s degree in social work with an emphasis in clinical practice from the University of Texas at Arlington, and a secondary master’s degree in applied psychology from Walden University.

Treatment Orientation:

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Culturally Sensitive, Family / Marital, Family Systems, Gottman Method, Humanistic, Interpersonal, Multicultural, Play Therapy Techniques

Top 5 Strengths:

Connectedness, Intellection, Input, Responsibility, Empathy

How to make an appointment online?
Choose your desired date and time! Fill out request form. Form does request your credit card information. The card will be charged at session time, if using insurance to pay for session, your credit card won’t be charge.  You will receive an email with the intake that needs to be completed before the first session.